Masters of Delight

HAPPY MOMS DAY! I thought it would be appropriate to take the time to reflect on a notion that is mastered by some inspiring moms & one of my favourite local entrepreneurs. Tamey Lau, mother of 14, owns a flower shop in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood. Much like my mom, she knows a thing or two about “delight” with her ability to surprise and bring joy. For example, the last time I went to see Tamey, I wanted a bouquet that fit a certain budget. I diligently built my assortment while resisting some of the pricier selections that attracted my attention. Later, as I unwrapped the bouquet, I found the pristine white rose which I so diligently spared – WOW - TAMEY knew - a moment of true delight and gratitude. I felt like a kid - as I opened my lunch bag and found the occasional chocolates & love note. Tamey’s boutique recently went up in flames and community experts are rallying up support to ensure that Tamey can continue to spread meaningful value. Delight is an essential component of brand development - especially on the loyalty front. When was the last time you brought delight or was delighted?