Length & Depth

Thank you 2015 for bringing me Tucson, London(x2), Bath, Dublin, Copenhagen, Prince Edward County & New York. A few thoughts on the year ahead.

Complex world issues are influencing people to seek deeper meaning - to slow down and connect with humanity and nature in unique ways. 2016 is likely to create a wider gap between the tourist and the traveler. Experience will trump material. Another coat or a w/e in Portland? How about watching the stars in a glass hut, sleeping in a lighthouse on a remote island, kayaking at the bottom of a canyon, learning to be a farmer for a week, floating in the dead sea, taking a dip in natural hot springs, learning to cook differently in a real home, choosing to cruise on a bike rather than racing in a taxi.

Destinations that highlight "culture" and "natural wonders" in their value propositions will generate more growth.

On that note, a few highlights from my recent NYC adventure:

Take the “High Line”  - Walk above the city while being surrounded by old and new architecture and distinct landscapes. Look out for art performances in the windows of passing galleries. 

Ahhhhh New Yorkers. Always inspired by your sense of togetherness. The honesty in your expressions, your ease of striking a conversation with strangers or spontaneously exploding in song and dance on the streets! I have yet to experience this human rawness anywhere else and it never ceases to fuel my drive to stay curious, calm and authentic!

Here's to embracing the year ahead of us with length & depth.

Happy 2016 ✌