2 Meccas in 1

Just returned from my second 2 city in 1 European adventure - 4 days in London +  4 days in Copenhagen to compare and contrast these international meccas. One says "Hiya" the other a quick and high pitched "Hi". Both have strong design & foodie cultures. One thrives on the eclectic and the other has the reputation for having the most work/life balance in the world.

1st stop - London, UK. 16 years since I last visited... Curious to see how it changed - Was I caught in a romanticized bubble?


1.     Sleeps & Surprise notes at the MeLondon

2.    Notting Hill Stroll

3.     Food market growth spurt - treats at Dalston Yard’s StreetFeast

4.     Gallery hopping in Shoreditch

5.     The V&A - Alexander McQueen, shivers all the way

6.     Top front seat of dd bus

7.     Learning about 2015 Design Hits at the Design Museum

8.     Prosecco, English Cheese & Sun Rays on Somerset House’s Terrasse

9.     Harrods food collection & Egyptian escalators

10.  Day trippin' in Bath (this outing calls for its own post - stay tuned!)


2nd Stop – Copenhagen, Denmark. Simplicity, balance & long flowing hair - could this be Copenhagen's “Je ne sait quoi”. 



1.   Sleeps in a sweet family home

2.   70% of city travel by bike – depending on the area, you don’t need a lock!

3.   Brisk winds – do bring your raincoat, scarf and hat

4.   Notable coffee shops throughout the city

5.   Grey's, black & taupe galore + 3/4 pear shaped coats

6.   General sense of quietness

7.   Pumpkin seed rolls, ginger & elderflower juice

8.   Shop for unique lighting!

9.   Cream and jam on your sorbet?

10.  Colorful Norrebro - bridge hangout!

11.  Lunch at Mother & personalized drink at Ruby

12.  Osterbro’s boutiques

13.  Luxury baths & sauna in Frederiksberg

14.  Design museum collection, exhibition design, café & library

15.  Landscaping at Rosenborg Castle

16.  Sand dunes and endless beach in Hornbaek

17.  Kronborg castle’s underground & m/s' unique Terrasse in Helsingor