"Buy less, choose well, quality over quantity"

Capping off the year with a Dame Westwood quote and my top 10 purchases in 2016. All hail more travel, wellness and good design experiences for 2017!

#1: Cream Linus Scout 7
This smooth ride roadster has gingerly taken me across the island of Montreal - as far east as les Îles-de-Boucherville and west as Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

#2: Turquoise Pepper Grinder
I found this artifact at Café Pistache in Saint-Lambert. Finally, good design has reached the pepper mill. A perfect accent for my white kitchen and much needed tool to tame my fiery taste buds.

#3: One Night at the Malmerendas
My June stay in Porto would not have been the same without this little Portuguese gem. By far the most fitting hotel -  Go ahead, try it along with the many treats that travel in Portugal will bring you.

#4: Ceramic Butter Knife (Carefully placed on top of the Beurrier Breton)
Believe me - this knife will create the most simple and stylish spreads!

#5: Beurrier Breton
My coup de coeur at the Souk @ Sat this year was this Porcelain Butter Keeper hand made by Atelier Jarre in Montreal. Not only does it accessorize my counter perfectly but also keeps my butter fresh at room temperate using a natural water cooling design.

#6: Little navy dress
Montreal was blessed with the arrival of the Cos boutique in 2016. Minimal designs with mostly quality oriented compositions - I bought 2 staple dress up or down navy dresses that have so far endured many wash cycles.

#7: Pink Bubbly Flutes
Anything sparkling including Grapefruit & Ginger fizzes reach a new height in these vehicles.
Destined to brighten your day and your cabinet.

#8 Mini Boot Ear Threads
These were designed alongside the extremely talented bro and sis duo behind Atelier L.A.F. Something dazzles inside when I wear this one of a kind design. A dash of rebellion coupled with quirky daintiness that has yet to be matched by any jewelry designers (in my mind at least:). Ahhhh, the joys of custom.

#9: LesMills Body Pump
This class came with my Energie Cardio Membership. Perfect for those who need "at your own pace" challenge with visible results. Marie-Claire, Alex, Malik and more recently Johey's energetic passion for body pumping have been key to my weekly fitness regime.

#10 Tie between Quinoa Bread & Bob Red Mill Pizza Crust
Le Marquis bakery in Montreal has officially helped me convert to a gluten free lifestyle. Bob Red Mill pizza crust and this beat pesto & crispy kale pizza have equally helped with the transition.