March is near its end and the ocean is at its wildest yet - turquoise waves are competing for the front as they crash under the caressing sun. My bohemian duchess is satisfied as I lay solo in a tented bed in the preferred section of Secrets The Vine. Mission? Maintain an ultimate state of relaxation for 4 days straight. My only worry is to overindulge in rays, fancy drinks & scrumptious eats.


Sample solo moon day

Get up with the sun at 6:30 - quick nespresso shot, shower and change into shorts & tank. 

Head for the beach and enjoy a long morning walk, cool off by plopping into beach chair and taking a few deep breaths while staring out at the sea.

Join the yoga class at 8:30 and stay for pilates until 10:00.

Grab a cappuccino at the coffee stand and head to the Market Café for the best spread ever. Eat-in or take out to your terrace, your fancy.

Take a quick shower and slip into bathing gear. Score a cabana at the preferred pool and proceed to lounge, swim, read & sleep for the next 6 hours. 

Strategized how to face the red flag sea - then just go! The salt water on your sun kissed skin feels amazing. Smile and exhange your mixed emotions with Mexican families who are most likely to adorn the beach - let yourself be enchanted by their warm and vivacious culture. 

Rock and retreat in a hammock while sipping a Miami Vice (Strawberry Daiquiri topped with Pina Colada). Snack on Tortilla chips, guacamole & green hot sauce. Finish another chapter or two (I read "The girl on a train" by Paula Hawkins, an easy read that you can't let go!).

Drop by the preferred lounge around 6, pick up a glass of white chardonay and slowly stroll to your room. Take a long shower and spend another hour sunset gazing on your terasse.

Dress casually elegant and choose your dining haven: Asian, Mexican, Italian, Seafood, Grill, Mediterranean? 

Thrill your sweet tooth with a Swan shaped cream puff, a mini upside down pineaple cakes, tamales rustic chocolate neatly tucked in a banana leaf or/and what about tempura coconut ice-cream?

Let the resorts' entertainment team tantalize you with adventures of the night or calmly retreat to maximize tomorrow's sun experience.

Are you ready for a Solomoon?